Missy Hawk


Missy Hawk

Ledande bud 60 000kr(exkl. moms)
Säljare Scandinavian Equine Services AB
Antal bud 13 Historik
Tid kvar
Ulf Berglund Scandinavian Equine Services AB
Auktionen avslutades 2 juni 19:46

Hästtyp Fullblod

Kön Sto

Född år 2020

Reg. nr. 752SWE00003065T

Far Seabhac

Mor Ballouera

Morfar Discreet Cat

Svensk Travsport


Missy Hawk is a fine mare by the classic making sire Seabhac. (Scat Saddy) Sire of Angers and Rue Boissonade. Covered by Military Style (USA) Last Service April 4th; believed in foal. Pregnancy Certificate available. She showed plenty of promise as a two year old where she worked internationally known group caliber rated horses in training. Unfortunately she was never able to race and show her ability as a two year old. Her two year old trainer said. “The best filly I trained in Scandinavia” Her three year old season got scattered when a big colt ran over her leaving the gates first time out. The trainer that cared for her three year old campaign praised her ability. We promised her to make a broodmare of Missy Hawk. This will be a good opportunity to buy a mare in foal standing in France. Covered with Military Style (LF 3500€) a two year old Gr3 winner. France has by far the best prize money, owners premiums and breeders premium. This is a chance to own and breed in France. She’s kept at Haras Vallon 17€ a day and they are happy to continue board her. The hammered price will include the live foal fee. A free nomination to either Military Style (Haras du Taillis France) or Amhran Na Bhfiann (Knockhouse Stud Ireland) an Epsom Derby Gr1 third and a Gr2 winner. Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bewLcoC_DLc


Missy Hawk can be picked up at Haras Vallon 1 impasse de la Duchee, 61230 Saint Evroult de Montfort. Or if the new owner wish her to stay at Haras Vallon take over the boarding fee.


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